Pygate was a HackFS project that created a Python gRPC client for Textile's Powergate API to the Filecoin network. Pygate was one of 10 HackFS finalist, picked from 130 projects.

The goal of Pygate is to provide a gateway to Filecoin and IPFS technology for Pythonistas. To date, most of the tooling had been geared towards Javascript and Golang developers.

In addition to providing code examples with the gRPC client, the team created a reference webapp using the Python Flask framework to demonstrate basic Filecoin network features.

If you're a Python developer looking to get started with Filecoin then just pip install pygate-grpc to open the door to this exciting new network. Have a look at the docs and clone the source code at our Github repo. Issue tickets and pull requests are most welcome.

Get a full introduction to the tech stack and features of Pygate in our 7 minute project presentation for Filecoin Liftoff week, celebrating the launch of Filecoin mainnet:

Check out our finalist presentation for the HackFS event:


Peter Van Garderen
Vancouver, Canada
Antreas Pogiatzis
London, UK
Leonard Ge
London, UK
Art Richards
Berlin, Germany
Chinonso Eze
Abuja, Nigeria